17 Car Cleaning Hacks You Should Try

Now, you won’t have to waste most of your time with this chore. There are tips and tricks that some people are not telling you. Fortunately, we have gathered them for you. We have listed below the necessary tricks that you should know in cleaning the car.

Do you love the smell of a new car? You can do this on your own without having to spend so much. You just have to check out the thrifty divas online for a step by step guide.

Dryer sheets can help you get rid of those bugs from the front of your car. You don’t even need to have the new one. You just have to wipe it for your car.

Try the goo gone for your car. It is an effective cleaning solution for your car. Now you don’t have to worry about the stickiness in your car.

This is a practical tip for cleaning your car. Try using a brush when you dust off that dirt from your car. Hold a vacuum with it to be more efficient.

You don’t need that expensive brush when you clean the interiors of your car. You can use an old toothbrush for this. It takes away that unwanted dirt in small spaces of your car.

You may have furry little animals with you on board. It can’t be avoided to have that animal hair on your car seats. Use a squeegee and spray bottle for this.

You can clean the bottom of your cup holders with this silicon cupcake liners. You will be amaze how smart and useful this idea is. It is perfect for reaching those stains and crumbs.

This is an alternative for a toothbrush. You can use a cloth and screwdriver instead. It is great for reaching those small areas in your car.

A WD-40 can be used to remove those bumper stickers. You just have to spray it over that area. Just use the right amount of this to remove the sticker.

We have seen in Family Handyman how this clar bar can be useful in cleaning. It can help you take off that built-in stuff. Just rub and fold it in that area until it is clean.

Foam brushes are useful tool in cleaning. They are super absorbent which makes them effective for cleaning. You don’t have to spend so much for this brush.

A lot may not know but toothpaste is a good cleaning solution. It can clear your headlights amazingly with just small application. Who would have though toothpaste are that useful to cars also.

A soda can help clean the corrosion from your battery terminals. Try searching on Wikihow for the step by step guide on this. Make sure you use the right amount in cleaning.

You can wash your floormats in the dishwasher. This will help you clean them and make it look like new. Be sure to remove all your dinnerware when cleaning this one.

There is always a solution even for those farthest areas. Try a compressed air. This can be used to clean the vents as well.

If you have an old sock, you can use this as a rug. An old sock has a soft cloth perfect to use for your car. It so much practical than buying a new cloth for your car.

Try a microfiber cloth if you want to clean your car ceiling. You can search it on Wikihow for more detailed tips. This is one smart solution for your car.

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