Don’t Throw Away Empty Toilet Paper Rolls: 12 Ways To Reuse Them Around The House

Toilet paper is a household staple. We all use the tissue and then just toss the roll that it came on without giving it a second thought. We use the tissue for:
Personal hygiene
Cleaning up spills
We never think to reuse the cardboard roll it comes with. Sure kids will play with it, but there are actually a lot of functional uses the cardboard tubes have.

So the next time when your changing the toilet paper and about to toss out the roll, just think of these tips. Reusing stuff is the best thing we can do for the environment!

1/ You can creative with the rolls and use them as decorations. Just use this guide to cut them into some pretty shapes and you can put them around a mirror, or wherever your heart desires!

2/ If you have kids that love playing with toy cars, you can make the perfect ‘garage’ for them. The more rolls the better! Besides, there will be a less of a chance of them being left scattered around the house and you stepping on one!

3/ They make great seed starters! The cardboard will degrade and decompose into the ground after while and your plants will have the best foundation to grow big and beautiful.

4/ You can very easily turn them into an organizing tool! Just save up a bunch of your rolls and get a piece of cardboard. Glue them on and you can use it to store your makeup, or even your office supplies!

5/ If you want to disguise them from looking exactly like toilet paper rolls, give them a rustic twist! Get some twigs from outside and glue them on the rolls. You can use them for your pencils or whatever else you want to store in them!

6/ If you love to watch birds, just get a roll and cover it in peanut butter. Then roll it around in some bird seeds so they stick. You can just pop the roll on a branch and watch the birds have a feast!

7/ There is nothing worse than having a bunch of cords. They get all tangled and it just becomes a confusing mess. Toilet rolls can help you store and organize your cords to save yourself a lot of grief. You won’t be stuck untangling them for ages.

8/ If knitting is your thing this trick will help you a lot. Use toilet rolls to wrap yarn around and it will keep everything organized and easy to use.

9/ They are also great for keeping your clothing drawers organized. If you have a lot of scarves you can roll them up and put them in a roll so they are easy to pick out and find.

10/ Keep your wrapping paper from unravelling and wasting a lot of your money by putting them in a toilet roll.

11/ Use them to create cute little gift packages! Great for when you are gifting someone something small like a necklace or bracelet.

12/ Don’t go spending a lot on a fancy speaker for your iPhone just yet. Cut a hole in the middle of the tube and pop you phone into it. It will amplify the sound as it comes out the tube on either end. You can wrap it in some cute wrapping paper to make it look nice.

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