Man risks his life repeatedly to save hundreds of dogs from China’s underground meat trade

Marc Ching’s job is not your average, everyday job.

Between running a holistic pet food shop called the PetStaurant and a local animal shelter, Marc also makes frequent visits to parts of Asia. But these aren’t your average vacations – Marc goes with the sole purpose to rescue dogs out of the underground meat trade.

In 2011, Marc started the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation in the hopes of helping neglected and abused dog find loving homes, getting the second chance at life they deserve. Animal Hope and Wellness is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save as many animals as possible, regardless of the risks.

Back in 2015, Marc Ching learned about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which takes place every year in a small city in the People’s Republic of China – this discovery would radically change Marc and his foundation.

“The abuse and inhumanity is so brutal out there that it doesn’t compare to anything here in America,” Marc said about the Yulin festival.

After traveling to China and seeing the cruelty firsthand, Marc decided that he couldn’t possibly leave these animals to fend for themselves, knowing the horrific torture they were being subjected to.

Since then, Marc has gone back to Asia six times, preparing for his seventh trip very soon. Pretending to be a wealthy American businessman looking for dog meat, Marc tricks slaughterhouses into giving him live dogs as “samples” of the product. Once he has the dogs secured, Marc and his team smuggle them back to the United States where these poor animals can get the medical attention and love they need.

Apparently, some cultures still believe in the myth that adrenaline makes dog meat taste better, and could have certain health benefits. However, these claims are absolutely false and promote a torture-based process for slaughtering these poor creatures.

“This trade is built upon the belief that if you torture and abuse the animal, it makes the meat taste better,” Ching said in regards to the dog meat industry.

The International Human Society estimates that nearly 1 million dogs are brutally slaughtered for their fur or meat each year in China alone. Thankfully, other animal activist groups and celebrities have also taken up the fight with Marc in the hopes of seeing a future where animals are not abused or tortured for money.

To learn more about this amazing project and how you can help, be sure to check out the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

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