Mom Posts Pic Of Her Frowning 7-Year-Old. Once People See Her Leg They Die From Laughter

Difficult jobs are exhausting. As a writer, I sit at a desk and use my mind to create something that has never been here before. It can be tough, but it is nowhere nearly as exhausting as someone who does “real” work like a construction worker, firefighter or police officer. I can imagine how tiring these occupations would be. They require constant attention to one’s surroundings and a big heart to open oneself up to the community and offer everything a person has.

But these kinds of professions are not the only jobs that leave a person exhausted and feeling used up. Perhaps the hardest job in the world is being a mom. While it comes with some of the most fulfilling work any human can do in their life, it is also constantly tiring and exhausting. Moms always want more sleep but always have to sacrifice themselves for their children. That’s why this image of a 7 year old girl is going viral thousands of times over.

Sam Jess Griffin lives in Muncie, Indiana with an army of children. And she knows what it feels like to be tired at the end of the day as a mother. Or you could just ask my wife – she’ll tell you how easy I have it.

As a mom of five children, Sam doesn’t know what a dull moment is. But because she cannot do everything for all the children, she often turns to her eldest daughter Lanie to help with the younger kids. And although Lainie is just 7 years old, she is like a second mom to the four other babies and they all look up to her and respect her. And she is much too mature for her age because mom puts a lot of responsibility on her.

While moms always appreciate some gratitude from their children and partners, Lainie just did something that her mom will never forget. She posed for a picture for Sam that captured the reality of motherhood moms everywhere could understand.

The exhaustion. The overexertion. The constant need to put out fires. Moms are the ultimate heroes in our communities.

But Lainie has simply posed for a picture to show off her Halloween costume. And when you see it, you’ll fall out of your chair laughing so hard. It’s something moms everywhere could appreciate – especially if they feel overworked and underappreciated.

In the image, Lainie has bags under her eyes, she is holding one baby in her arm. A second baby is gripping her lower leg. Lainie is supposed to be the “Exhausted Mother.” And if you cross one of these “monsters,” you better look out for your head.

The picture went viral overnight as it should.

Sam’s friend Rachael Fansler Beachy shared the image online:

“My friends daughter dressed up as a mom for Halloween. Notice the spit up and dark circles under her eyes. Im dead! This is the best costume ive ever seen! Sam Jess costume contest!!!!! She would so win! Someone give her what she’s earned. I’d say stretch marks, hemorrhoids, and a front butt….but a prize will be awesome! Go Lainie!”

Source: Mom Snaps Pic Of Exhausted 7-Year-Old, Friend Notices Her Leg by internetroi on Rumble

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