Creep Tries To Lure Young Girl Into Car, But Firemen Aren’t About To Let Him Get Away

Child abductions and sexual offenses are a heinous reality that have plagued many families in America and around the world. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there were 465,676 missing child reports submitted to law enforcement across the U.S. just in 2016. It is heartbreaking!

Parents have to teach precautions and procedures that leave not only them, but also their children, worried and uneasy. But it’s necessary – kids have to learn to keep an eye out for unusual people and situations. They have to keep their guard up.

One 12-year-old girl from the Bronx found herself full of fear, but also full of courage, when a suspicious man tried to lure her into his vehicle. As she sat at a bus stop, he called to her through his window, earnestly requesting that she get into his car.

Thank God she knew better! The minute she heard his words she sprang into action, running away as fast as she could and screaming for help.

When she saw a nearby firehouse, she ran inside and immediately began telling the firefighters about the man who had just tried to kidnap her.

A few of the firefighters ran outside and spotted the man trying to drive away. They quickly got into their firetruck and maneuvered it in such a way as to block the suspect from going anywhere.

Incredibly, the man managed to escape, hitting a parked school bus in the process. Thankfully, though, the firefighters were able to write down his license plate number and they called the police as soon as he left the scene.

Without wasting a second, the police used the license plate to find the creep’s address and a mass dispatcher call had several stations creating new searches to catch him.

Thankfully, they tracked the man down, caught him, and charged him.

It is such a relief that this young girl was able to act so boldly and quickly. Thankfully, she is safe and, because of her actions, this man will not go unpunished.

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