Man Looks Inside Odd Car Lurking At Walmart For Weeks, Makes STUNNING Find

An Iowa man had been frequenting a local Walmart in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and he observed a rather odd vehicle that had been lurking in the parking lot over the same amount of time. Finally, he decided that he was going to check it out, and he was utterly stunned at what he found inside.

Silver Jeep spotted at Walmart

Jake Holloway had been Christmas shopping for his family at the Altoona Walmart and Target stores over the course of the last few weeks, and every time he went to the stores, he noticed a strange silver Jeep in their parking lots, according to WHO-TV. One day, he spotted a sticker in the back window of the Jeep, and it compelled him to go have a look, and what he found didn’t sit well with him at all.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Holloway explained what had been going on. Apparently, the sticker he saw in the vehicle’s window was an “I Served” Iraq sticker, so Holloway decided he was going to see what the deal was.

He ended up talking with the man inside, whose name is Nick, and learned that he’s been going through tough times ever since returning from war. Nick’s wife left him when he came home, and all that he had to his name was his Jeep and his loyal friend – a boxer dog.

Silver Jeep spotted at Walmart

Nick explained his heartbreaking story to Holloway and said that he had been sleeping in his Jeep for some time. Apparently, he was recently hired by the DOT, but he still hadn’t received a paycheck yet, so Holloway decided he was going to do something to help.

The Facebook post said, “I see a lot of people out there posting about wanting to help people for the holidays. Here’s my request. I don’t know this guy from Adam and I don’t know his whole story. There’s been a silver jeep wrangler in the Walmart and target parking lot In altoona for the last few weeks. It moves from time to time back and forth…. Noticed an ‘I served’ Iraq sticker in the back window today and I finally got the nerve to stop. Told him I liked his jeep. He liked my Toyota. And I asked him if he was alright. He told me his name was nick an after he had got back from overseas his wife left him and left him with his jeep and his dog. He’s got no money and broke as a joke. Told me he just got a job at the dot but hasn’t been paid yet. Said he had started selling things off the jeep(badass jeep) to have any money at all… An I’ll say this as a grown ass man it broke my heart. So if you wanna do something for someone out of pure selflessness please… If you see him. Out of the kindness of your heart. Do something nice for him or his best friend(the boxer dog). Few bucks. A gift. Some dog food.. That’s my request.. Makes me sick to see a soldier on the street.”

It makes us sick too, and apparently, it does the people in Altoona. According to WHO-TV, after Holloway’s post went viral, people showed an outpouring of support for Nick and his dog, and dozens of people stopped by the Walmart to drop off everything from gift cards to money, and some people even brought Nick food for his loyal friend. One extraordinarily kind person even went down to the Walmart and paid in full for Nick and his dog to stay at a hotel for a week.

The outpouring of support for Nick, who spent 17 years in the military and did four tours overseas, has been tremendous. People seemed beyond eager to help a war veteran, and he apparently received most everything he needed to get by until he gets paid for his new job.

Kudos to Holloway for going out of his way and making a Christmas miracle happen for a veteran down on their luck. He could have easily gone on about his life and never done a thing, but instead, his generous nature ensured that Nick has a warm place to rest, and his best friend is taken care of.

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