Man Spots Something Odd On Roadside, Heart DROPS When He Gets A Closer Look

While driving through Omaha, Nebraska, one truck driver noticed something on the roadside that shouldn’t have ever been there. When he stopped to get a closer look, his heart dropped.

Jake Gridley

Jake Gridley was driving west on I-80 when he noticed something balled up on the side of the highway. Instead of continuing on, as all other drivers were doing, he pulled his truck over to check it out. What he found along the road proved to him the state our nation is in – and he’s not happy.

Sitting in the grass like a piece of trash was an American Flag, and it was a sign of disrespect that Jake couldn’t ignore. What the truck driver did next is what I would like to say every American would have done, but sadly, I’m afraid that’s not the case.

He posted his experience on Facebook for the world to see. Those of us, who are still proud to be an American, will get goosebumps at what he did next.

Jake wrote:

Today I was driving west on I-80. when just west of Omaha about mm 445 I seen this American flag on the side of the interstate, sitting in the grass all balled up like a piece of trash with everyone just passing it by. To me it was like a man down, and you don’t leave a man behind.

I quickly turned this truck around and it became a search and rescue. I was gonna rescue that flag from the disrespect of laying on the ground. Because what I seen was a representation of our country, the men and women who sacrificed their lives past, present, and future to protect it and ensure we have the right to Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

When I finally got the flag I instantly thought of my wife, kids, and grandkids, and all the opportunities we’ve had, the choices we’ve made good or bad, but we had the freedom to choose our own adventure. I’m not rich, far from it, but it is what it is, and I am, what I am because I am an American. ‪#‎savetheflag if you like this share it.. maybe we’ll find the story behind the flag in the grass in Omaha, NE.

Jake picked up Old Glory and hung it from the side of his truck. When he explained that our flag is “a representation of our country, the men and women who sacrificed their lives past, present, and future,” he was absolutely correct. It’s completely disrespectful for it to be tossed aside as if it were nothing but garbage. It’s a symbol of what our country is, has been, and forever will be.

Jake hopes to find the story behind the flag in the grass, but the story has already been told. People don’t take pride in America as they use to, and it’s crumbling before our eyes because most ‘don’t care.’ It’s the sad truth. As Americans, we should fly our flags high and show Old Glory the respect she deserves. We should all be more like Jake.

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