13-Year-Old Mississippi Thug Stalks Lone Woman, Cops Horrified By What He Cut Off Her Body

A 13-year-old Mississippi thug waited in the dark as a lone woman arrived home and parked her car in her driveway. As the victim walked to her front door, the teen crept out of the shadows with a knife and brutally stabbed her before stealing her purse and vehicle. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when cops arrived to find the victim lying in a pool of her own blood, they were horrified to see what he had cut off of her body.

Corey Smith (inset), Screenshot of footage from crime scene (Photo Credits: Jackson Police Department, YouTube/Cliff News)

According to local news source KMBC, the gruesome stabbing and robbery took place on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, at approximately 10:30 p.m. in Jackson, Mississippi. Police said that 13-year-old Corey Smith waited for his victim, a 61-year-old woman, to arrive home and park her car.

Armed with a knife, Smith rushed at the helpless woman and cut off her ear before repeatedly stabbing her in the neck and chest. This heinous attack was carried out by the 13-year-old thug so that he could steal the victim’s purse and vehicle, according to police.

How on earth could such a young kid be turned into a cold-blooded psychopath? Many people are asking where his parents are and why this violent teen was free to roam the streets.

One family member of the victim told KMBC that the teen waited for the elderly woman, who has not been identified by police, to reverse her 2016 Toyota RAV4 into her driveway and get out before viciously attacking her. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital and was listed in serious condition as doctors treated her life-threatening wounds.

Just hours after the gruesome attack, Jackson police found the victim’s SUV. Officers arrested Corey Smith early Wednesday morning without incident. According to authorities, Smith was charged as an adult with aggravated assault, auto theft, and armed robbery.

The infuriating truth of the matter is that teens like Smith are raised in a culture that mandates self-entitlement and violence from a young age. Now, his decision at such a young age to brutally stab an elderly woman is going to cost him many years of his life, and rightfully so.

The victim’s brother, Columbus O’Banner, was interviewed Wednesday by WAPT News and said, “Right now she’s doing much better. Last night it was pretty tough on her. A lot of stab wounds, a lot of bleeding. She opened the iron door and was getting ready to go in the house and that’s when the stabs started coming from the back.” The victim’s brother went on to say that the attacker left her for dead.

O’Banner also told a WAPT reporter that his sister has already forgiven her attacker. “We are people of faith, and so we know how important it is to operate in forgiveness so that your faith and your love will be intact. So, it’s important to forgive those people so you don’t give them power over you.”

I have a lot of respect for the family’s faith-based response and biblical worldview after this horrific crime. Forgiveness is important on a personal level. On a societal level, the rule of law and justice are absolutely crucial and must be equally enforced when dealing with criminals regardless of their background or status. This horrific attack is a stark reminder that law-abiding citizens need to be armed and ready for the day that evil darkens their doorstep.

Smith was arraigned on Thursday, August 31, 2017, as he reportedly stood emotionless next to his mother in court. Authorities said he is a student at Whitton Middle School.

This young teen’s perspective is about to change as the world of self-entitlement and thuggery he was raised in comes crashing in on him. It is shocking that such a sickening act could be perpetrated by such a young kid, but that is the reality of what we are dealing with in our country after years of perpetual degeneracy. Our prayers go out to the victim and her family as she struggles to recover from her serious injuries.

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