Little Girl Gets Whacked In The Head By Royal Guard After Giving Flowers To The Queen


I don’t think this was the “thank you” Maisie Gregory was expecting after her meeting with the queen.

The 6-year-old from Wales had been chosen to give the queen a bouquet of flowers, as is tradition, and had been up since 4:45 a.m., eagerly anticipating the big moment.

As the queen walked by, little Maisie curtsied and handed her the flowers. The monarch graciously accepted and stopped for a moment to thank the young girl.

But as the queen walked away, something happened that no one could have anticipated.

One of the royal guards stationed at the doorway quickly lifted his hand in salute as the queen walked by, not realizing Maisie was standing so close to him.

“Ow!” the little girl exclaimed as his quick arm movement whacked her in the face and knocked her hat clean off her head.

The guard kept his composure as he waited for the queen – who hadn’t noticed the incident – to leave; but as soon as she was gone, he bent down to apologize to Maisie and her mother, Joanne Gregory. He felt terrible about what he had done.

Thankfully, the little girl was fine, though a clip of the moment quickly went viral, bringing smiles to many who are used to more “buttoned up” interactions with the royal family.

Maisie’s father, Regimental Sergeant Major Martin Gregory, had led the Royal Welsh on a march earlier in the day before his daughter’s meeting with the queen.

“It was an extremely proud moment,” he said.

Little Maisie was dressed in traditional Welsh clothing for the big day.

“She took a bit of convincing initially,” Joanne said. “But when she realized she was going to meet the Queen she was quite happy to wear traditional Welsh clothes.”

Thankfully, at the end of the day, no major harm was done. And this little girl will have a funny story to share for years to come!

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