Watch: ‘Guam Will Capsize’ – Is This The Dumbest Democratic Lawmaker Ever?

There’s not much holding Sheila Jackson Lee back from the top spot in dumb Liberal quotes… but this is certainly one of them.

Somehow this guy got RE-ELECTED. Go figure.

There are a lot of dumb lawmakers and really great contenders for dumb quotes. Who’s stupid quote gets top spot?

The presumptive leader, right now, is still Georgia’s Rep Hank Johnson (D). He was very nervous about the frightening consequences of putting so many troops in Guam.

No, he wasn’t raising Geo-political concerns. Not even cost-benefit concerns.

He was worried about the island itself. As in, whether we had sent so many troops over that it might capsize. No, really. He said ‘capsize’. Watch for yourself.

You’d think if islands were in danger of capsizing due to a significant population, he’d be a little more concerned about — say — New York City.

Admiral Willard deserves some sort of an award for his professionalism in respecting Johnson’s elected office enough to pretend he was answering a serious question. And a second award for having the self-restraint not to stand up and give THIS reply:

But Hank is by no means the only Liberal dumbass, is he?

Nancy Pelosi describes a tax cut as (literally) ‘the end of the world’.

There was the time THIS had to be walked back…

Bernie Sanders’ campaign tried on Thursday to distance the presidential candidate from a 1972 essay in which he wrote — among other things — a women “fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously.”
Source: CNN

Pretty sure that’s not what the Feminists meant by ‘nasty woman’.

There was Obama’s famous ’57 States’ line that — if there were an (R) after his name, would have stuck to him more than the ‘see Russia from my house’ SATIRE bit stuck to Sarah Pali

Which, though more absurd, is still nowhere near as satisfying as the if-if-if ‘okeydoke’ stammering that was sampled into one of this editor’s favorite parody songs (original quote here):

Let’s not forget Biden, who needs a bloopers reel for his biggest hits…

And of course, Sheila Jackson’s 400 year old Constitution.

What do you think? Do any of these rise (or sink) to the challenge of capsizing Guam?

Did we overlook some real gems in our list? Drop them into our comments so we can all get a good laugh at them!

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