EBT Freeloader Drops Piece Of Paper, Shopper Floored When They Look At It

A shopper was walking in a Kentucky parking lot when they spotted a small piece of paper that someone had dropped on the ground, so they decided to pick it up and check it out. They soon realized that it belonged to a food stamp freeloader – and it left the shopper absolutely floored when they took a closer look at the little slip of paper.

Image of the receipt

As can be seen on the receipt, it seems that an ordinary shopper decided to use their EBT card at a Save-A-Lot grocery store in Liberty, Kentucky. Unfortunately, the shopper would drop their receipt in the parking lot only to have it picked up by someone else.

They were more than likely intent on throwing away the garbage that someone else had dropped, but when they saw what was on the receipt, they knew they had to share what they had found. After snapping a quick picture, the receipt was then posted online where it has since gone viral – and not for good reasons.

As can be seen, the food stamp user spent about $40 on groceries for the day, but that’s not what has everyone’s attention. Just one line down, people have been left jaw dropped to see that the welfare recipient has a whopping balance of $5,583.42.

In short, this person could go to the grocery store and buy whatever they wanted, up to that amount, and not a dime of it would come out of their pocket. That’s right, the hypothetical shopping spree would come courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

Sadly, this incident is far from isolated as All News Pipeline has done an extensive research piece on food stamp abuse. With some people maintaining balances of upwards of $20,000 on their EBT cards, others have been known to abuse theirs in other ways.

List of excessive EBT balances just in Ohio (Photo Source: All News Pipeline)
Taxpayer money is being spent on alcohol and being used at strip clubs, and there’s really no wonder why people get so upset when the topic of welfare abuse comes up. However, it’s when you see people buying lobster and steak with their food stamp cards that perhaps gets people riled up the most.

The economy is bad enough, but for hard-working Americans to bust their butts every day just to put food on the table while watching freeloaders stuff their face with prime cuts of beef is beyond infuriating. However, the system is in place for a reason – there are plenty of people who rightfully receive food stamps as they can’t make ends meet without it. However, it’s when you see crap like this – a $5,000+ balance – that is enough to boil any taxpayer’s blood.

Sadly, this is exactly how Democrats like it as happy handout lovers always vote blue. The state of our entitlement system is out of control and needs to be reeled in. Whatever happened to the American dream? If you want something – get off your lazy butt and earn it like the rest of us.

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