Mom Delivers Baby on Hood of Car After Dad is Handcuffed From High-Speed Chase

Carl Alewine and Tiffani Von Glahn started their New Year’s off with a bang. In more ways than one.

The night of New Year’s Eve, Tiffani went into labor. Frantic to the fact that she was three weeks early and labeled as “high risk,” the couple rushed to the hospital.

Tiffani said, “I was told she (the baby) was a high-risk pregnancy and the way she was sitting at the time, she would’ve gotten stuck, and I would’ve had to have a C-section. So I was thinking there was no way I could have her naturally.”

Carl was adamant about getting Tiffani and their baby girl safely to the hospital. Before they knew it, Carl was reaching speeds of 95 m.p.h. on the interstate in South Carolina.

While on the interstate, Carl was able to attract not one police car, but 20. It’s not like Carl didn’t know the laws, he was just concerned about the well-being of his wife and unborn baby, Anastasia.

“He was going about 90-95, and a police officer came up behind us to pull us over,” Tiffani told WISH TV. “And he was like, ‘Do you want me to stop?’ And I was like, ‘No don’t you stop’ because I felt her coming.”

As Carl kept pressing down the interstate, 20 police cars were tailing him. He was now in a high-speed chase.

“I look back, and there’s like 20 police cars, and they had the exits blocked off and everything,” Tiffani told WCBD. “Eventually it got to where they had to box us in to stop us.”

Once the police managed to stop their vehicle, Carl was removed from the car and handcuffed “for safety reasons, because they were saying there are people out there that will fake having a pregnant wife,” Tiffani explained.

Despite the chaos, Tiffani was still in labor, and she needed medical attention fast. The officers immediately assisted Tiffani on the hood of the car and delivered a healthy baby girl right there on the interstate.

“It happened so fast, and the guy that delivered her was just there,” Carl explained about the gracious officer. “I’m sitting there, watching her born on the hood of the car, fireworks going off in the background because it’s New Year’s, and then they let me out of handcuffs, and the cops started clapping and congratulating us.”

The couple said that law enforcement handled the whole situation flawlessly, and they were so excited for their new baby, regardless of how it all went down.

“When you’re going to the hospital to have a kid, you imagine high speed, cops around you, but yeah that happened.”

Anastasia was born healthy, weighing six pounds, two ounces. Tiffani is doing great as well.

It is unknown if Carl received a ticket that day because, technically, he did violate a few laws. Since Carl now has a lot on his plate, we hope he doesn’t have to deal with a ticket.

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