11-Year-Old Walked On Stage To Sing Elvis Classic, But When She Opened Her Mouth Elvis Was Reborn

Elvis Presley was well known for being ‘The King of Rock and Roll’ and people have been covering his songs for years since his death. People try to put their own spin on his songs as they know that they could never copy and live up to ‘The King’. But this 11-year-old girl’s cover of one of his songs is as close as you can get.

Elvis Presley was wildly popular in America during his time on this earth and people all around the world know his songs and the incredible talent that he was. His fame has even spread as far as Norway.

Norwegian singer, Angelina Jordan, won the 2014 version of Norway’s Got Talent and has been wowing people with her stunning vocals since she entered the public eye. Known for her jazzy voice, Angelina’s song covers on YouTube regularly go viral and her latest performance at Fredricksten Castle in Halden, Norway, has caught a lot of people’s attention.

Angelina’s deep voice is very mature for her age, and so her vocals lend perfectly to Elvis’ classic ‘It’s Now Or Never’. Some people have been so impressed by her rendition of the Elvis song that they think that she resembles The King himself.

Wearing a long, white dress and a purple floral headband, Angelina is dressed fittingly for her young age, which makes it even more surprising when her voice comes out of her. Anyone who didn’t know her before this performance will have had a big surprise when they heard her mature vocals.

Everybody in the audience is clearly loving her performance as they smile and sway, singing along to the famous lyrics.

Watch the video for yourself to hear Angelina’s beautiful cover of the Elvis classic. If you were impressed by her performance, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. 🐝

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