“It’s him spreading joy,” neighbor Jessica Huebner said, “throughout our neighborhood for these kids.” When Jessica mentioned this, she was referring to one of her neighbors, a ninety-four-year-old man, who was finding new and better ways to fill the silence in his now empty home. Keith Davidson, of Morris, Minnesota, struggled to find inspiration and happiness in his home after his wife of 65 years passed away. Now, he’s giving back and finding joy in the happiness of the local youth.

Keith and his wife had always been extremely close. She was his everything, and after turning ninety-years-old, she peacefully passed in their home of cancer. “You just can’t imagine what it’s like,” Davidson said. “You cry a lot. That’s just the way it is, because she’s not here.” Keith was talking about his wife Evy. After her passing, Keith knew that he would need to find another thing to devote all of his time to. That’s when he had an idea.

Keith came up with the idea to put a giant pool in his back yard on his property and use it as a community pool for all of his neighbors to use. His neighbors all were aware of what kind of sweet old man Keith was, and were supportive of him and his efforts to bring the community a bit closer through the building of a pool.

Keith’s only requirement for using his pool is that you bring a parent with you to be sure that you are being safe. The pool spans 32 feet in length and is nine feet deep at its deepest point. Kids from all over the neighborhood have come and swam together in the new pool, and are creating new and long lasting friendships with the people around them on a daily basis Through this summer activity, the entire neighborhood is becoming closer.

We think that Keith’s idea was a great one, and now that the kids in the small town of Morris, Minnesota have the opportunity to swim and have fun with each other, they are taking one step closer to being the tight knit and loving community that they strive to be. We hope that Keith finds solace and peace in his new pool, and that he realizes what a huge contribution and benefit his kindness is to the community. If you believe that Keith deserves recognition for his act of kindness, then share this story with a friend.

If you believe that Keith deserves recognition for his act of kindness, then SHARE this story with a friend.

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