BLM Brat Has Disgusting Demand For White Farmer, Gets Priceless Response

A Black Lives Matter brat thought that she could waltz into a white farmer’s space and demand what she felt entitled to receive. Although her tactics may work for her in the ‘hood, she was in good ‘ol boy country. The white farmer’s response was far from what she expected, but now he’s paying the price for it.

Gwen Anthony, an activist with the National Action Network speaking on behalf of the BLM woman (left), Farmers Market in Tennessee where incident occurred (right)
A produce vendor from Turner & Sons Produce and Nursery in Smithville, Tennessee, set up shop at an area farmer’s market in La Vergne. When a woman arrived at his stand and started making demands, he took one look at the glaring issue on her chest and was brutally honest about how he felt about it.

According to WKRN, the unnamed farmer was at the farmer’s market when a woman wearing a Black Lives Matters t-shirt walked up to his stand and wanted him to serve her. Given the recent cop killings and unrest around the country in the last two weeks, he wasn’t willing to serve someone who supported the racist and violent movement, so he asked her to leave. The entitled brat couldn’t believe someone’s opinion was trumping hers, so she instantly rallied the troops to take the lowly farmer down.

It didn’t take long for the racist to get her way. As soon as she opened her mouth and shouted discrimination, the farmer was kicked out of the venue and banned from returning.

The city wrote on their Facebook page, “Yesterday at the weekly La Vergne Farmer’s Market, a vendor refused sale to a potential customer because of a t-shirt the customer was wearing. The T-shirt was not obscene or profane, and the vendor was severely out of line to refuse service. The City of La Vergne was made aware after the incident — the City does not tolerate discrimination of any kind, and all people are welcome. Despite the vendor’s apology, this vendor will not be welcome at future Farmer’s Market events. We are grateful to the customer for alerting us to this episode, and to the other Farmer’s Market vendors who have conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism.”

Evidently, “discrimination” only applies to certain (white) people expressing their opinions, not anyone supporting a movement that advocates violence against Caucasians, specifically white cops.

If “all people are welcome,” then the farmer should be too. He was expressing his feelings as much as the Black Lives Matters supporter was expressing hers, so there should be no catering to just one of the two of them.

This woman wearing a BLM shirt is no different than someone wearing a KKK or other hate group garb. The fact that the sentiments are treated so different is racist. Both groups kill and advocate violence in the name of their causes, but only one is treated as a terrorist group.

Now, a hardworking farmer is out of a financial venue because a taker complained without cause and officials in the area were quick to protect her right to expression. However, the white guy’s reaction was his right as a business owner. The double standard there runs deep.

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