She Was Only 9 Years Old But Her Weight Was Making Her Sick. So Her Mom Took Action.

Breanna Bond was amongst the millions of children nationwide considered obese. At only 9 years old, she weighed nearly 200 pounds and became a target of bullying. They called her “fatty”, “fathead” and other crude names while on the playground.

It was when Breanna’s breathing became a struggle that her mother decided to take matters into her own hands. She put Breanna on a strict exercise routine that involved the entire family. In addition to daily walks, Breanna hits the treadmill for an hour and a half daily. She even joined the swim team at school.

It’s no wonder that in a matter of months she began shedding pounds. Now, she’s lost nearly 66 pounds and is ready to show off the new and healthy her!

Accompanied by her parents on ABC News, Breanna shares her journey to healthy living and has a message for parents struggling with obesity in their family.

What do you think of her mother’s decision to step in and shape up her lifestyle?

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