Texas Man Gets Nervous As Thug Plays With “Unloaded” Gun, Gets Horrific Surprise

A man in Texas became extremely nervous as his acquaintance played with an “unloaded” gun in the car while they live-streamed the video on social media. Now, the viral video shows the moment that he gets a horrific surprise and reminds people why they shouldn’t play with guns.

According to Blue Lives Matter, the horrific incident took place late Saturday evening on March 31, 2018, outside of a Houston gas station as three people sat in a vehicle while live-streaming their “fun” as they played with two guns.

Police said that a shooting was reported at approximately 2:30 a.m. outside of a Valero gas station at Alameda Road and Southmore Boulevard. When they first arrived, officers thought that a man identified as 26-year-old Devyn Holmes had shot himself in the head as he sat in the front passenger seat of a vehicle. The investigation into the shooting would reveal a much different story.

Had it not been for an extremely graphic video that surfaced on social media over the weekend, the exact events leading up to the shooting may not have been clear to investigators. Police said that two other people were in the car at the time of the shooting, and one of them was broadcasting over Facebook Livestream when Holmes was accidentally shot.

The video quickly went viral on Facebook and then on Instagram of the moment police said 25-year-old Cassandra Nickcole Damper was playing with a gun as she sat next to Holmes and shot him in the head. A third person, who was sitting in the back seat, was identified as Cadillac Coleman.

Holmes, who is seen in the clip wearing a white t-shirt, said, “You’re making me nervous,” as Damper waived the gun around and pointed the barrel at his face. Little did any of the three people in the car know that their night was about to take a horrific turn for the worse.

After Holmes told Damper that she was making him nervous, Coleman, who was sitting in the back seat, offered up an assurance that the gun was not loaded and that there was no reason to worry. “It ain’t got no clip, bud,” Coleman said. Holmes, who clearly looked concerned about Damper waiving the gun around then asked. “Hey, where you from again…?”

Damper didn’t seem concerned with Holmes question. She was apparently more concerned about who was watching the Livestream. “You see what we doing to lying a*s hoes, we draw down, we draw down on dem hoes…say something bi*ch!,” Damper says only seconds before she shoots a bullet into Holmes’ head.

As Holmes slumped over to the side and blood spilled from his head down his shoulder someone in the video can be heard saying, “Oh my God.” As the clip continues, Damper and Coleman can be seen making a break for it. Both of the “gun experts” exit the vehicle and are seen on video surveillance footage at the gas station leaving the scene.

Below is an edited version of the original footage. WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO

Clearly, Damper had no inhibitions about waiving the gun around in the car before she put one round in Holmes’ head. The sheer stupidity of the situation is almost unbelievable because most people would never be caught dead sitting in a car and playing with handguns. Unfortunately for Holmes, his night would end much differently than he probably anticipated.

According to KPRC, Holmes was transported to Ben Taub Hospital and was placed on life-support. When police caught up with Damper, she told them that she didn’t know that either of the guns was loaded. Damper was arrested after police discovered that she tried to wipe off her hands to get rid of any gun residue. She is being charged with tampering or fabricating of evidence.

Police said that a grand jury will determine whether or not any other charges will be filed against Damper for her part in the shooting. No charges have been filed against anyone else. This video is a stark reminder that guns aren’t toys and that people like Damper should never be in possession of one.

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