Get Rid Of Thirty Pounds Of Waste From The Colon With This Cleanser

You probably are not aware that 20 to 30 pounds of waste can be stuck in a person’s colon. Actually, the colon is really big.

You should flush your colon once a year in order to be healthy. All the waste from the other organs in the body goes to the colon.

If you don’t clean the colon completely, there can be a blockage and that can affect the health negatively. In some severe cases, these toxic buildups may cause some chronic disease.

Some organs can be damaged because of the toxic overload.

Nowadays, this is really frequent because the food that we consume has harmful chemical and contaminants.

Some colon toxicity symptoms:
· Diarrhea

Joint and muscle pain
Vaginal infections, bladder problems, skin rashes, poor immunity
Depression, fatigue, memory losses, brain fog, mood swing, anxiety
Recipe to clean your colon:

Maple Syrup Cleanser of the Colon


maple syrup (two tablespoons, organic, grade B)
cayenne pepper (organic, ½ teaspoon)
filtered water (12 ounces)
lemon, (one, organic and freshly squeezed)
Mix all the ingredients and drink this potion four times per day after you wake up for fourteen days.

Don’t starve!

Eat slow carbohydrate diet.

If you drink this colon cleanse for a week and you don’t eat, you will lose the extra pounds but that will be because you don’t eat, not because the body is detoxifying.

Some cleanses recommend avoiding exercise since you are consuming them and you don’t consume a lot of calories and that can lead to dizziness and fatigue.

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