Hungry Family Places Order At Chick-Fil-A. Wife Sees Tray Of Food Arriving And Loses It

I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must be to have a loved one fighting overseas. And if there’s one thing we love to see on the internet, it’s a good homecoming surprise. The expressions and the emotions involved are so raw and genuine, and it’s truly a gift when the cameras are rolling to capture these emotional moments.

In the video below, we meet a family that is just sitting down for some lunch at their local Chick-Fil-A. The woman wearing stripes seems to be the only person at her table who wasn’t “in” on what was about to happen. She is also unaware that someone at the table across from her is secretly pointing his camera right in her direction. She and her family already ordered their food and now they’re waiting for their meals to be ready.

Finally, the food arrives – and the person delivering it to the table is the last person the woman in stripes expects to see: it’s her husband, home early and there to give his wife the ultimate surprise. As the camera pans around the restaurant, you can see how happy and excited everyone is for a couple they don’t even know. But it’s the reaction of the hero’s wife that makes this video so amazing. See for yourself, and keep your box of tissues closeby.

Source: YouTube

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