Parents Can’t Find 3-Year-Old Anywhere. Suddenly It Hits Them He’s Not The Only One Missing

A young farming couple spied something yellow and furry lying in the ditch near their rural Griggs County, North Dakota, property, so the husband stopped to check it out. He discovered it was an abandoned golden retriever puppy left all alone to fend for itself. So he brought the frightened creature back to the farm, named him Cooper and raised him up to be a strong and loyal farm dog. When the couple started their family, the dog became their fiercest protector and the kids’ best friend. Cooper especially loved hanging out with his pint-sized master, Carson, 3. But one day, something went terribly wrong.

Mom had been inside with little sister while Dad was outside doing the chores. Carson also was outside in the big yard playing with his favorite toy tractor and dump truck. But after a while, Mom realized that Carson hadn’t popped into the house for a bite to eat. She glanced outside to check on him and realized he wasn’t there. Mom scurried outside, her heart pounding, but Carson was gone. “I lost it,” she said. She called 911 and the local fire department, emergency personnel and neighboring towns’ rescue workers arrived, more than 200 in all. ATVs, horses and a bloodhound search dog were all deployed so they could quickly comb through the surrounding farmland and terrain. Even a small airplane buzzed overhead to help find Carson. “You just kinda start thinking the worst,” Mom told WDAY. They searched the farm property looking for the preschooler.

Bad weather was due to arrive soon and the window of opportunity to find Carson was quickly closing. Some of the rescue workers had to abandon the search and rescue mission to prepare for the impending storm. By now, Mom and Dad had discovered something somewhat reassuring – the dog they had rescued as a puppy and raised as their own was missing, too. He had to be with Carson! Mom knew that to find Carson, they needed to look for Cooper. Watch the video below and discover how rescue workers stumbled upon the missing boy and what amazing thing Cooper did for his buddy. This dog truly is man’s (boy’s) best friend.

Source: YouTube

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