Woman In Desperate Need Of A Kidney Put Signs On Cars Asking Strangers For Help!

A Victorville, California woman is leaving no corner unturned in an endless fight to keep herself alive. Rachel Young has been gaining more and more attention since using social media platforms and her car to spread the word that she need a life saving kidney transplant. She had place a sticker with her contact information on her car in hopes that someone will give her a call offering a newly donated kidney to her. Although Rachel is in dire need of a new kidney, she still remain optimistic and keeps her wit about it.

In her own words Young states that “as long as I have two feet and a heartbeat, I can still search for a kidney.” She’s been traveling from Victorville to Pasadena and back for nearly 42 years to receive dialysis treatment for her failed kidneys. Obviously draining on Young, she gets through her days with hope that one day some kind person will be a help to her fighting cause. Young has reported through her battle with kidney failure that she’s lost a significant amount of weight due to rare complication with her kidney failure, once weighing over 300 pounds and noticeably smaller.

Rachel Young has found hope in her stickers and social media despite the fact that doctors have given her a grim outlook. The timeframe to get a kidney from a cadaver is estimated 17-14 years across the USA, but she doesn’t let that stop her and maybe she’ll get a donor in her attempts to bring awareness to the public about her situation. However in her situation she still fights and believes that there’s human kindness in the world and show a positive outlook on her life.

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