Girl Runs Out Of Bathroom In Tears After Finding $20 & Sick Use For Her Pants

Two Michigan girls were walking home from school alone when one needed to use the restroom. Assuming Walmart was the safest place nearby, one of the girls went into the bathroom while the other waited for her inside the store. Moments later, the girl came running out in tears, horrified by $20 and a new use for her pants.

The sisters are reportedly between the ages of 12 to 15-years-old, and they live in the small town of Fowlerville. Given the close-knit community, their parents had no problem allowing them a little independence to walk home. However, after what happened on Tuesday afternoon, they likely won’t be going anywhere alone, especially a public bathroom. The girl was so traumatized, that it took some time for her to speak of what she found in a stall.

According to WJBK, store surveillance caught a 25-year-old man entering the women’s restroom sometime before the girl entered. Security staff either didn’t pick up on it right away or assumed that this is just the new norm we’re all supposed to accept. The suspect was waiting inside for whoever was to come in next, with an offer in hand he didn’t think any woman or child could refuse.

As soon as she went to the restroom, she was stuck in there alone with this pervert, who offered her $20 in exchange for her pulling her pants off and showing him what’s underneath. He was not remotely concerned about any recourse as he made the brazen request, but he was immediately denied. The girl turned around and ran out, terrified at what she just faced, which she didn’t expect to ever experience in her small “safe” town.

She found her sister and demanded they leave, before running without stopping the entire way home. After some time calming down, the girl told her parent what happened, and they called the police. Considering how small of a population there is in Fowlersville, officers were immediately able to identify the pervert and knew exactly where to find him.

The man was arrested the night of the incident and will be arraigned today for accosting a child under 16 for immoral purposes. While it’s important they found him, police and news outlets are refusing to release his name. He admitted to offering the child cash for her pants and a peek, and he needs to be made public enemy number one in this area so others can watch out for him. A pervert doesn’t deserve protection, innocent people do.

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