Guys Find Strange Tubes Buried In The Forest, Then They See What’s Inside

While a group was out walking in the forest with their metal detectors, they discovered something very large just beneath their feet. After digging up five large tubes, they were left completely stunned after opening them up and seeing what was inside.

It all started when a group of treasure hunters called Legenda Club decided to take their metal detectors to the woods somewhere within the country of Latvia. Sure enough, the group started getting hits with their devices within a short time, indicating that there was something rather large below.

After whipping out their shovels and getting to work, it wasn’t long before they unearthed five strange tubes that were still sealed. As anyone would, the men cracked those bad boys open and were shocked to see that they were actually saboteur caches.

(Photo Source: Imgur)

For use during WWII, the tubes were apparently buried for the future use of German saboteurs working to covertly disrupt opposition operations. Inside were a few things you’d expect, like a gun and a knife – but things only got more interesting from there.

French M1892 revolver (left) and a knife (right) (Photo Source: Imgur)

As one would imagine, there was a good amount of ammunition for the French M1892 revolver, just in case there was a need. However, that only seems to have been meant for last resort purposes, as the other items would indicate.

French SFM-marked 1934 8x27mm cartridges for the M1892 (Photo Source: Imgur)

The caches also contained a wide variety of tools that the soldiers could use to wreak havoc in just about every way imaginable. Take for instance the two different types of grenades inside that could easily do some damage.

A Polish-made w.33 pineapple grenade (left) and RGD-33 grenade (right) (Photo Source: Imgur)

Other items included magnetic mines, set to be stuck to something metal and detonate when an unknowing victim walked by. Several other forms of explosives were found inside as well.

Magnetic mines (Photo Source: Imgur)

In order to set off those explosives, the caches also contained a good amount of detonation cord. If that wasn’t enough to get the job done, there were quite a few detonators inside too.

Explosive detonators (Photo Source: Imgur)

However, perhaps the most interesting find inside appeared to be nothing more than an ordinary chunk of coal. Come to find out, it was actually a ball of explosives disguised as such, which saboteurs would throw in the coal cars of locomotives. The explosives would eventually be shoveled into the engine where it would blow up, permanently disabling the train once and for all.

Explosives disguised as a lump of coal (left) and detonation chord (right) (Photo Source: Imgur)

As one would expect, the kit also included physical tools that would help greatly when it came to making a bomb. In all, they had just about everything it would take for a one-man army to cause some serious mayhem on the enemy.

Tools used for making bombs (Photo Source: Imgur)

With the group finding 5 of these scattered about, one can only wonder how many are actually still out there. It would be absolutely fascinating to make such a find. It really makes you stop and think about all the hidden treasures out there.

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